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  Spectrum Events has planned and implemented meetings for Franchise Corporations for almost 20 years.

Our unique Franchise Industry Meeting Program can save Client's almost 20% of their meeting costs! (Results differ with every Client and Program, of course.)

You also might not know how cost effective and efficient we are. Virtually every Fortune 1000 client has asserted that Spectrum always contracts the best hotel for the best price for each meeting and Spectrum performs better on the Final Budget despite numerous changes and issues that inevitably occur.



Spectrum Events worked with a Franchise Company's internal Meeting Planning Team and reduced Costs, reduced hiring, controlled salaries and overhead, reduced Corporate Risk, reduced Corporate Liabilities while assuring continued growth - at no Cost* to the Client.

   •    Reduced Net Annual Meeting Costs by 19%   
   •    Reduced Staff Time by 185 hours

   * No Cost = No Management Fees, or hourly charges. Client pays for only
      direct costs that it would normally incur, including direct travel costs for
      on-site meeting personnel, direct supply cost for name badges stock, etc.

  Case Study   SOLD-OUT HOTEL  



A prospective Client managed their meetings internally, but their VP of Sales needed a specific sold-out hotel for that year's annual sales meeting and had given up.

Because Spectrum Events knows how hotel booking systems work, we were able to book that specific sold-out hotel for the required 88 rooms for 3 nights including 2 suite upgrades for the dates that were unavailable.

We negotiated a very good price, as well as $130 of perks/room from the hotel, making it a great deal....especially for an impossible to book “sold out” hotel!

These are just two examples of how much capability and flexibility Spectrum Events gives its Clients to achieve their business objectives, save money, and increase Franchise Meeting ROI.

Spectrum Events successfully works with in-house events staff to save company's time and money.  And, of course, we can plan and implement your meetings from start to finish!


Are you getting the best ROI for your meetings? Are you investing too much staff time into meeting management rather than Franchise and Brand Development?

Contact us to see how Spectrum Events can save you money and time while increasing your meeting success and ROI!